Support a School

We believe that people on the ground are best suited to identify and solve problems that face them. Our work is to support these groups so that they can continue to provide the much-needed services in their community.

ICRI-Africa says thank you to all the individuals, companies, foundations, and NGO’s that support our work. It is only with generous gestures that our organization is able to undertake and accomplish various philanthropic causes.

You can make a difference for children in need by supporting a school.

You can support a school by:

  • Donating to the feeding program
  • Supporting teachers by contributing towards salaries
  • Donating learning materials

Select a School to Support

  • Faith Mission Centre
  • Sharon Day Care centre
  • Harvest Ministries
  • Hands of Grace
  • Blessed Hope Academy
  • Bowels of Love
  • Msamaria Mwema Children's Home
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