Sharon Child Care Centre is a community-based school, which was started in 2006 by Sharon Owino. Sharon Child Care Centre is located in a slum area known as Kiambiu between Moi Air Base and BuruBuru area in Embakasi constituency. Majority of the children in the school are vulnerable.

There was a need for a childcare center as the neighborhood lacked a Public School. The ratio at which the population of the children was rising was alarming and most of the children were being neglected. It began with two tables and one child, the school has expanded, and she is now handling 60 children in total.


To reach out to the children in the slum area and improve the quality of Early Childhood Development program

ICRI’S work

International child Resource institute, ventured into this program during the aftermath of the post-election violence.

Children would talk in the school about the loss of their loved ones and their experiences of witnessing the brutal torture of their neighbors.

All forms of child abuse were still witnessed in this area, which called for our intervention in training the caregivers on preventing, identifying, and protecting the children from any kind of abuse. The School did not have a feeding program, which forced Sharon to carry food from her home; the food was still not enough to feed all 60 children aged 3-7 years.


Currently Sharon day care centre through collaboration and networking with I.C.R.I Africa are enjoying clean and safe water through the generous contribution of a donated water reservoir as the school was experiencing a water problem.

They have a feeding program sponsored. Other donors are supporting the school by paying the teachers salaries every month, sending them Children’s learning materials and staff teaching materials.

Sharon Day Care center has also learned a lot from ICRI-Africa through trainings that we have been offering to them like the Child Protection Policy, Early Childhood Education training.

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