Currently we have the following programs running:

Kids Safe Project - Child Protection Policy
This addresses issues such as:

  • Types of child abuse
  • Myths surrounding child abuse
  • Development of child protection policies
  • How to prevent and report child abuse

Results from our training show a better understanding of child rights and improved attitudes by the trainees on what their responsibilities as community leaders are in ensuring the rights of children in the community.

Grassroots Advocacy Project (GAP)
This is a capacity building program for community/faith based organizations working to support children, youth and women. ICRI’s GAP project was established to support social movements at the grassroots that have little or no resources. The project provides training, resources, funding, networking and mentoring of grassroots leaders in Africa.
Daraja Early Care and Education
The mission of our Daraja program is to provide a new framework for addressing early childhood care in Kenya.
ICRI-Africa has been working with vulnerable communities for the past 3 years and saw a great need to develop programs that provide a holistic child development approach, for children 0-8 years.

Thriive, formerly known as Social Micro-enterprise Initiative, is a micro loan facility aimed at financing small and growing enterprises  to acquire capital equipment. Thriive supports small businesses and promotes a culture of social responsibility in challenged communities by providing two important components:  Capital and Compassion.
Community Economic Empowerment and Development (CEED)
Community Economic Empowerment and Development (CEED) project addresses the socio-economic needs of marginalized women and youths in some areas where International Child Resource Institute Africa work. Currently the program has given out a number of micro loans with a 5% interest payable within one year from the month the repayment commences. The loan is used for expansion of micro businesses such as erecting sheds for selling sukuma wiki, equipment, tailoring, dairy farming, and poultry etc which are typical with the smallest entrepreneurs yet contribute greatly in job employment, income generation and Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product.

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