Zawadi Educational Centre - Kayole

Launched in May 2013, Zawadi Educational Centre originated out of a mini research done internally by International Child Resource Institute Africa’s Watoto Wonder Bus (Mobile Teacher Training) Team to establish the critical needs of ECD Centres within Nairobi’s slums. The needs ranged from lack of parent participation in the running of the ECD Centres and declining quality of teaching characterized by children sitting for hours behind desks and in front of a teacher with a black board.
As a response to the needs and as an initiative to support the stakeholders on the Early Childhood Development sector within the area, ICRI Africa resolved to set up Zawadi Educational Centre in Kayole’s Obama estate. Since then the Centre has progressively transformed the perception of early learning to one that parents participate in decision-making, cost sharing and contributing learning resources.
Zawadi Educational Centre also doubles as a teacher-training center when schools are closed. The centre has served more than Thirty teachers since its inception.

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