Thriive Phase 2009 Grants Table

  1. Karen Learning Centre $2,080 | Entrepreneur: Lina Njoroge Mutua: Special education program for children with learning difficulties: they tutor children between the ages of 5yrs to 18yrs in Reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and Math assessment free.
  2. Artesian Limited $5,784.77 |  Entrepreneur: Emma Nganga: Bio-diesel manufacturing, farming using solar-powered irrigation: A farm project rearing cattle and producing fodder and hay from the small peace of land through irrigation.
  3. Health Education Library for the Public (HELP Limited) $3,287.60 |  Entrepreneur: Brigid Boyani Monda: Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology: Reproductive health education for public education on matters concerning health in schools, churches and among the women groups in the slums.
  4. Craft Scene Investments $2,533.33 |  Entrepreneurs: Peter Kimotho Mwariri and Joseph Munene Mwariri: Specializes in Calendars, T-Shirts, and Umbrellas: Involved in the fight against the HIV pandemic through partnership through the distribution of anti-HIV materials such as banners, T-Shirts, Caps, Key holders, Calendars etc.
  5. Wilsar Industries $3,838.56 |  Entrepreneur: Anne Njoki Matheia: Food Production: Specializes In Crisps, Doughnuts, Peanuts
  6. Monda African Art $3,423.47 |  Entrepreneur: Caroline M. Monda: Create and Produce Home Décor and Jewellery Products
  7. Berann Salon $538.67 |  Entrepreneur: Eunice Atieno Odipo: Hair Salon/Barbershop: engaged in training young ladies and girls from within the slums in hairdressing
  8. Maridadi highteck Designers $1,936.53 |  Entrepreneur: Loise Ndunge Mallei: Dress Making and Designing Uniforms, curtains and general personal and industrial clothing
  9. Mum’s caterers $3,332.87 |  Entrepreneur: Dorothy Muthee: Outside Catering: servicing small and medium public functions
  10. Malex Poultry Farmers $1,940 |  Entrepreneur: Magdaline Njeri Njoroge: Poultry Keeping
  11. Lakimu bureau Services $2,639.87 |  Entrepreneur: Lawrence Mungai Kibui: Stationery Supplies Printing and Computer Services
  12. Mwanafra Furnitures $1,435.01 |  Entrepreneur: Francis Mwaura Naai: Making Furniture - Sofa Sets, Wall Units, Bed
  13. Babu Metal Works $1,333.33 |  Entrepreneur: Bernard Gathere Gichamu: Welding: produces and/or repairs metallic equipment by welding.
  14. Mainland Health centre $3,966.67 |  Entrepreneur: Dr. Gilbert Mungai Kamau: Medicine /Occupational Health: offers outpatient medical services, inpatient medical services, Occupational Health and X-ray services
  15. Cal-state constructors $3,533.33 |  Entrepreneur: John Mbaria Irungu: Construction Building/Boreholes/Water Tanks: they fabricate concrete materials that are used for building construction, road construction etc
  16. Unicorn Auto and Hardware $1,989.44 |  Entrepreneur: Cyrus Kareko Wanjiku and Michael Kamau Njuguna: Welding, Spray Painting, Auto spares serving truck owners plying across the expansive Thika farmlands, public service vehicles, private cars, motorcycles and bicycles.
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