Thriive Phase 2010 Grants Table

  1. Spaceview Cyber & IT Centre $10,000 | Entrepreneur: Alexander Omondi: A college that offers IT and management courses in combination with walk-in Internet services, photocopying, printing and book binding services.
  2. Wazab Investments & Supplies $8750 | Entrepreneur: Zaweriah Mboche: Sells building materials in hardware store format. Also finishes and manufactures various wood products for home construction and fittings.
  3. Princecam Media $11,875 | Entrepreneur: Paul Mukoma: Media productions includes music videos, weddings, professional photography and documentaries
  4. Mama Babu Investments $2,375 |  Entrepreneurs: Beatrice Deyie: Hair Salon/Barbershop: engaged in training young ladies and girls from within the slums in hairdressing
  5. Lonestar Nurseries $18,750 | Entrepreneur: Francis & Zipporah Itinga: Organic produce and fish farming in the outskirts of the capital city
  6. Rusanne Investments $10,000 | Entrepreneur: Samson Gichia: Maize flour production for wholesale and retail sale and byproducts for animal feeds
  7. Infinity Design and Apparel $6,250 | Entrepreneur: Timothy Khamala: Garment manufacture includes t-shirts, overalls, jeans wear, bags and custom apparel orders
  8. Hope for Teenage Mothers $12,500 | Entrepreneur: Lucy Ndung’u: Dress Making and Designing Uniforms, curtains and general personal and industrial clothing. Trains and employs teenage mothers from the Mukuru slums
  9. Kizzy Clowns Entertainment $6,875 | Entrepreneur: Thomas Njeru: Events management, especially geared towards children enjoyment and play
  10. Trueways Enterprises $8,925 |  Entrepreneur: Irene Mumo: Honey processing and packaging.
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